Tuesday, June 30, 2009


This plugin generates generic collection classes, that work almost exactly as jQuery does.
The supported functions are:

add, andSelf, attr, each, end, eq, extend, filter,
get, implement, include, index, init, is, map, not,
pushStack, setArray, size and slice.

$.collection is a collection class by itself. So other collections will inherit from it, or its subclasses. The filter() function accepts:
* A function that returns true/false.
* Anything else will be taken literally and compared. Only those items included pass the filter. The filter can be an array of items.
The function .not() works the same way, but matches the opposite.

u can Downloads collection from here:

create new utilities and controls with Yahoo User Interface (YUI) Library

here is the nice collection of Yahoo User Interface Library.

you can Download YUI 3 (Latest version ) from here

YUI 3.0

its really nice collection , There are several utilities are there hope it will helps you,

Thursday, June 25, 2009

free xhtmlcss templates

Here are some nice 38 Free website templates collection

1. Xhtml - Css Templates

will keep on adding ..

Google hosting Javascript Libraries

Google now offers a service for hosting popular JavaScript libraries, so now it will become very easy to do
So far it hosts jQuery, prototype, script, mootools and Dojo and other...

ou can either load it via the Google AJAX API or the script tag.
The advantage of using the Google API is that it can be used for Google's services as well
(like Maps, RSS/Atom Feeds and Search )

here are the links


Google AJAX Libraries API


Friday, June 19, 2009

Clear Project History from Start page on VS

hi guys, this is my first trick on my Tips & tricks Category,

hope u like it,

Most of the time we want to "Clear Project List" from Start Page of visual studio.

Here is the steps.

1) Click on Run , Type RegEdit & press enter

2) It will open Registry Editor, then navigate to HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\VisualStudio \\ProjectMRUList
then delete unnecessary list.

3) do same task for "FileMRuList."

4) plz make sure not disturb other key from the registry.

That's It,