Thursday, December 3, 2009

Google Audio indexing

Google get introduce new technology call Google Audio Indexing (Gaudi) . which allow the user to better search from video point of view. It basically using Speech technology to find out the Exact word inside that video and jump the user according to that world where these words get spoken.

Basically you all know words,sentence, text can get search easily, but this is really nice way to search the text from video itself. which will give your result more additionally.

How you can use this :
Look at the below pics you can get ,

if i want to search related with gas prices it will show you result on where exactly this word get spoken on various videos. on left hand side you can see there are Channel filters you can even though filter your search by clicking on that tab . and right hand side you can see there is one video call Gang of 10 and on that video , after particular period some yellow dots are there they are mentioning where exactly that word get spoken, you can directly move your cursor at that position and listen that word. and at bottom its shows various pages result.

You can also Share this videos with your friends just clicking share button on that video . or simply copy-paste that URL also.

one more thing you can only search the videos from Youtube source only.
if you want to know how its works look at this :
Currently this technology its in Google Lab , it will publish soon.

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