Friday, May 7, 2010

New looks on Google

Yesterday i open a Google for searching and i noticed that something get change with the google site, as you can see the look and feel of the search section is bit change , as you can say the font is also get changed , it one kind of visual look getting and also looking for nice as comparing with the previous one.

Wht's get Changed and Wht's New added?
New thing added is contextually relevant, left side Navigation on a Page. It will shows you the most popular and relevant search tools to refine your search query. it contain Google Squarted, Universal Search . that get combine on the left hand side Search Panel.

on Universal Search you can easily find the most relevant search . The top section of left hand side panel that suggest you the most genres result for the search and it will also give you the good way to easily switch to the different types of results . here you can find the opetion " Everythings" which will gives you can result on what exactly your looking for. on Google Squared ( now its on Google Lab) which will help you to compare the entites . it builds on the Google Squared Technology it shows you the related result on your search query. so you can easily explore the result on other related topics also.

As you can see the color palette and logo is also get change which will keep the Goolge page as in modern look you can also see more on how the new design get change on this video.

As talking about Google Logo, you can easily see the Difference on it, new design logo is lighter than previous one and also a simple, the logo design get done on the new icons and hundreds of tiny design, as you can clearly see the previous logo "g" has shadow image and how its clear it get removing the blue color shadowing effect.

One more thing you can see on the Bottom section Search it also get change with the removing of Blue effects also.

there are few more little changes are going on , and its all in process you can see that on Google steps by step.


  1. ohh yes its really cool.thank you for sharing the information.

  2. Google have do many update during one years