Friday, August 7, 2009

Silverlight Installation Steps.

For long year back, if we want the animation on webpage then it has been very restricted
and for that we have to use gif, flash or any other type of animation .But now Microsoft has introduce new product call "Silverlight".

Silverlight is basically a new cross-browser and cross-platform of .Net Framework for Media experience and RIA for the web.Currently there is Silverlight 3.0 Version is going on.

There are some Cool features with New Release Silverlight 3.0
. Printing
. Support to PDF
. Database synchronization
. 3D
. Blend modes
. Install Silverlight on Desktop
. Access all HardDrive
. Supoort to USB
. Frame base Animation

and much more..

Steps to install the Silverlight.

1. Install the Silverlight on your machine if you dont have that then download it from
follow link
Download Silverlight will open Microsoft silverlight installation page click on install to download the silverlight plugin

4.ones the installation get finish Restart your Browser.
( it will work on all the browsers like Mozilla, opera , IE , netscape)

steps to uninstallation of silverlight

1. Go to Control panel , open Add and Remove Program

2. Choose Microsfot Silverlight opetion and click on Remove

There are lot many things are there in Silverlight
Below are the useful for Silverlight.

- Microsoft Silverlight Site
- Silverlight Forums
- Learn Silverlight
- Silverlight Examples

hope it will help you.

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