Saturday, August 29, 2009

Visual Studio 2010 for Web Developer

New version of VS 2010 get announced with new features and new look for web devlopes. they are mostly focusing on Dynamic data, MVC arch. and other great feature of Silverlight and some more runtime functionality get added.

Overview of Visual Studio 2010 - wed Development
Here is the Key area:
- Source View
- Web Development
- Desing View
- DB Deployment

On the Source view they are ading Html Snippets and some more features of Jscripts Intellisense.
on Web Development process some more web.config Trasformation features and web1 -click features.
and on Desing view - improve the CSS2.1 Supoort and some advance features.
DB Deployment get handle the Packaging and Deploying the databse with your applications

- You can view the presentation at PDC on this Topics (77.32 mins)

- yes you can download the beta version of Vs2010 from here

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