Monday, September 7, 2009

Add Feedburner Email subscription to your site

you have see most of the sites,blogs have there email subscription option on there site basically its useful for the out site reader to directly read our new feed . in this process there are so many third party site , tool are available to do that ,

"FeedBurner is one of them". if you want to add feedburenr account on your site do follow below steps to configure feed burner email subscription tp your site or blog.

1. At first you need Feed burner account. if you dont have account with feedburner click here
if you have account with google then also ok, you can use that. next steps is if your new FeedBurner user then you have to burn your feed at first, you burned a feed to your site or blog. configure your site or blog to show fedburner url for that you have add some htmlcode in your back end,to retrieve this code you need to select publicize > Email Subscription on that link it , in that page you will get one form tag code simply copy that code and paste it on your site or blog.You can even select your blog type like (Typepad, wordpress, blogger) and it will automatically take to widget option for corresponding blogs system. u finish with the coding part , open that page and enter your email id and click subscribe , that it..

if you want to Subscribe my blog click here , you will get the updates of my blog via email
thank you.

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