Wednesday, September 23, 2009

List of CSS Galleries

css is one of the part of web applicaiton, you can say that without css your application is not perfect as per the coding standard.
here is an overview of css-galleries you can explore inspiration from.

  • CSS Clip

    Web Design Inspiration and Gallery

  • CSS Blast

    Russian CSS Showcase

  • CSS Collection

    CSS collection web sites without tables

  • CSS-Demo

    CSS Showcase

  • CSSBloom

    CSS Gallery with Blog’s and Online Portfolio’s

  • CSS Drive- Categorized CSS gallery and examples

    CSS gallery, code samples, tutorials, and moreCSS Collection

  • CSS Design Yorkshire

    A gallery of CSS web design in Yorkshire UK


  • CSS ImportCSS

    The no-frills CSS Gallery
  • Liquid Designs

    Liquid Designs is a gallery of websites designed with liquid layouts using XHTML and CSS

  • Piepmatzel

    collecting best practice web standards design examples
  • Webdigity

    CSS gallery

  • Web Standards Awards

    Awarding web sites that successfully combine form and function

  • Well Designed CSS Sites

    Andy Budds List of well styled sites.

  • if you know more plz add it on comments more.

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      They are updated daily so the listing of approved designs is very fast.

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