Thursday, November 19, 2009

Explore images with Google Image Swirl.

now google launched Image Search call " Google Image Swirl ".if you want to search for car you will get the all the images related with cars in but make your search Perfect with all the aspects google now use image swirl, now this is in Google lab.

when you search car section on image swirl you will get the array of images of various cars with different different models & different different variations. you click any one of that it will open all the cars related with same. now this is done on new computer vision research to cluster all the similar images on to this group to make your search better.

For Example : now you search with cars you will get the set of 12 images thumbnail of cars , like this

now ones you find any perticual car is you'r looking for click on that it will show you all the cluster images of that cars in one single circle. like this you can enhanse your search.

you can also explore your additional sub-groups with any cluster and make search this technology is develop for Picasa and Similar images.

Image Swirl is working for more than 200,000 Queries and now plan to include more in feature.they are using using auto-complete option when you start with search box just like Google lets try with Google Image Swirl today to make your search better,

happy googleing...

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