Monday, November 9, 2009

Top flickr tools

Flickr is one of the Social Photo Sharing site, where you can upload your photo , get the comments on photo, rate the photo , or also share your photo's with your friends. there are so many site just like Flickr but Flickr has very nice and atractive look and have some great features that can likes you.

Here are some Flickr tools to enhance you flickr Experience .
1 .Flickr Explorer
you have seen many flickr uploaders but photo downloader is less than that . So you can use this tool to download the photo from

This will helps you to compare two images , you need to only enter that keyword or tag and just check that images on flickr site.

SLiDR will allow you to easily embed with the classical slideshoe on your application , you just need to enter the url , photo or group that you want to embeded with some option , then you will get the help code of same,

From here you can upload more images on your site , it has some nice features ike Multi lingual , thumbnail preview , Adding multiple photos , Groups photos , EXIT reader , Tag Editor and so on , one better thing is it supports .Net Framework 2.0

5.CompFight -

Compfight its a new tool basically uses in Flickr’s API , To search the database of photos and then feeds back the results as live clickable thumbnails.

this tool is used to create comic strips using flickr, you just search for photos using tags or you can also search using username and get the right pic , now just drag the bubble on that pic or photos and enter the text what ever you want that text will get publish .

7.Flickr Logo Makr
You can desing you own logo using this cool tool. you can find same color font or style using on flickr.

it will allow you to browse the phpto in sidebar in FF(Firefox), that can makes managing your groups ,searching new tags ,keep the contacts easy , and many more.

Flishr is a primer application to Download,search and also for upload from one center to another that means one PC to another .it has some best features that can make you search better and easy to use , you need to search & downlod that pics from flickr or need to upload that pics in very fast maner, but one limitation is there with this you can use this application only on Windows only.

this is mini application, you can dispaly your pics from Flickr on your own site or blog for free of cost , download this Chasr and install it you own server , which will allow you to see your pics on your own site.

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